Ms. Gaile Lai and Mr. Wong Wing-tong

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The Live Webcast in September will be focusing on Art Collection in Hong Kong. From sparking off the first initiative of art collection to actually bringing art home, what may have run through the minds of art collectors? From creating an art piece to seeing it being collected and brought to someone else’s space, what may exactly be in the minds of the artists? Is art collection a difficult topic in Hong Kong given the limitation of space, and maybe also the limited sources of demand or affordable supply? After all, can art be blended with daily life via art collection.
We have the pleasure of inviting 3 local art practitioners to share with us their views and thoughts on the above, and they are: Mr. Jeff Leung, Project Manager of Hong Kong Arts Centre, he initiates the Art Habitat project which promotes the spirit of art collection in domestic environment and involves an exquisite rental scheme that benefits individual art lovers with short-term art loans or artwork adoption; Ms. Gaile Lai and Mr. Wong Wing Tong, both alumni of Hong Kong Art School, who are active in bringing art into daily life and encouraging art collection on the whole.

20 Sep 2010 6:00pm-7:30pm