Mr. Ip Yuk-Yiu, Ms. Yan-Yan Mak and Mr. John Chan@postgal.com

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The Live Webcast event in August 2010 will be focusing on how the annual Hong Kong Independent Short Film and Video Awards (ifva) plays the role as the cradle of local creative talents. Since 1995, Hong Kong Arts Centre has been hosting ifva which aims to promote innovative media creation, such as short film, video and interactive media among all walks of life. Committed to the mission of developing and nurturing indie new force, ifva seeks to break new grounds and pushes the limit of innovation and creativity. ifva is more than a mere competition, it also provides a platform for elites to show and develop their potentials. For years, ifva has been organizing pre- and post- award activities to enhance public awareness of media creation as well as to encourage creative talents getting into the career field. Many past ifva award winners (alumni) have been performing outstandingly in international film industry. In the coming live webcast, ifva have honorably invited three of the active figures in the industry, who are also ifva alumni, Ip Yuk-yiu, Yan-yan Mak and John Chan@postgal.com to share what they have gained from joining ifva. Also Teresa Kwong, the Director of ifva will be our guest moderator and discuss on the development of ifva and its relation to the industry.

18 August 2010 6:30pm-9:30pm