An artist’s experience and creative process are often illuminating for aspiring talents. Through its network in local and international art scenes, Hong Kong Art School (HKAS) hosts various art activities on a regular basis, creating platforms for exchanges between local and foreign artists and students. Over the past years, HKAS has organized a number of Artist-in-Residence Programmes and a variety of talks, seminars, lectures, workshops, performances and exhibitions, which featured over 20 internationally renowned artists. The experiments and discussions not only enrich the participants’ knowledge in art, but also stimulate their creativity and deepen their learning.

To expand on these insights and to let HKAS’ experiences on related projects transcend geographical and temporal boundaries, HKAS launches Art Node, an online learning platform that aims to serve as a basis of sharing among students, educators and the community. The first of its kind offered by an educational institute in Hong Kong, the web-based platform includes art-related resources, which are retrieved from HKAS’ archive of activities and projects throughout the years as well as to be derived from HKAS’ upcoming events, in formats of video, photography and text in both English and Chinese for study and research purposes.

Art Node promotes self-learning of students by providing comprehensive information on featured artists and events and hands-on self-study tools. Archive of art activities are available, as well as artists’ profiles and information on their works. The platform also features webcasting channels, including live broadcast of local artists’ talks. Besides, students can strengthen their knowledge through a series of DIY workshops with step-by-step procedures, which demonstrate how technology can aid their artistic creation.

Art Node will continue to grow along with HKAS’s research and projects. Its interactive learning mode caters to the culture of self-learning and innovation in the 21st century, as it seeks to inspire students, teachers and the community of art lovers.

Notes & Acknowledgement:
Hong Kong Art School (HKAS, www.hkas.edu.hk) is a division of Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC, www.hkac.org.hk). Founded in 2000,HKAS is an accredited institute staffed by a group of dedicated artists, who are active and distinguished practitioners in the field. The focus of HKAS award-bearing curriculum lies in four core academic areas, namely, Fine Art, Applied Art, Media Art, and Drama Education, and its scope covers programmes with academic levels ranging from Foundation Diploma, Higher Diploma, Bachelor Degree to Master Degree. The short courses and the outreach projects of the School that run parallel to the award-bearing curriculum span an even wider variety of artistic disciplines, and they genuinely bridge art and the community.
The Art Node project is made possible with the Quality Enhancement Grant Scheme (QEGS) supported by the Education Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.